Large ITS programmes inevitably come with a complex supplier landscape: internal staff, systems integrators, niche third parties and independent contractors, all with their own vested interest in the programme. Often, large suppliers can be more focussed on selling further work and improving their margin, than on making the programme really work for the client organisation.

A few top calibre people can make a big difference so, with a leadership group of three to five people fostering stronger engagement and developing the skills of authority staff, ensuring that outcomes are aligned to what the business needs and really owned by them.

Following this logic, members of our ITS team have been embedded in RTA Dubai since 2008, which has enabled them to become a trusted partner.

During our tenure working with government agencies of the GCC, we have supported or directly managed several large-scale ITS programmes. Some of these recent projects include:

  • Specification, consultancy and supply-chain management of the on-board ITS for a new fleet of 800 buses delivered from Europe, to be integrated with existing AVM and AFC systems. This project included full docks-to-service planning and contingency management to ensure that the ITS systems were rapidly commissioned, enabling the buses to enter service as quickly as possible.
  • Project management and consultancy for the introduction of the multi-modal fare collection system of Dubai, including the installation and commissioning of equipment on over 2,000 buses and associated back-office software. Our team continues to provide consultancy and project management for the continual improvement of this system.
  • Master-planning the country-wide expansion of bus services; specifically our team delivered detailed ITS gap analysis and specifications for a projected fleet of over 1,300 buses
  • Specification and implementation of a comprehensive business intelligence system, providing combined reports across multiple ITS systems


The experience gained in these and similar projects has guided the design of the ITS coordination team discussed above. In particular, we are bringing a mix of skills to the project, including domain experts, technical and process engineers. This expertise is managed by technical project managers who have the necessary background to deliver highly complex IT and ITS systems on time and on budget.

A key challenge of this project is managing the multinational vendors, often working in different time zones, and coordinating their activities across the multiple sites across Riyadh and the bus manufactures. Our team has managed many projects with exactly these constraints and possess the technical skills and local knowledge to deliver success.